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Monthly Image Competition - April 2011

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"Underwater Comet" - (258 pts.)
by Matt Riley, University of Virginia

Underwater Comet by Matt Riley, University of Virginia

"Virginia freshman All-American swimmer Rachel Naurath dives in to create a cool effect. I had to place a large black backdrop in the pool to get the desired image for Virginia's new publicity website for swimming. I'm hoping to try this again in the summer with some underwater strobes."


Sports Action

She made it by David Campbell, Alabama State University

1st Place (238 pts.) - "She Made It" by David Campbell, Alabama State University.

"Graduating senior pole vaulter Tanisha Boulware edges over the bar during one of her final competitions with the track team, who took home conference championships in both indoor and outdoor track this season."


Stealing 3rd by James Colon, UCBB

2nd Place (229 pts.) - "Stealing 3rd" by James Colon, UCSB

"Ironically it was UCSB who came from behind to defeat Cal State Northridge, 5-4, in eight innings during the teams' Big West series opener on April 22nd."


Happy With the Call

3rd Place (224 pts.) - "Happy With the Call" by Rick Mickelson, University of Wisconsin @ Eau Claire.

"Jess Freagon grins as she find out she is into third safely."


WIlson Bends on Bars

Honorable Mention (222 pts.) - "Wilson Bends on Bars" by Eric Bronson, University of Michigan.

"Trish Wilson of the University of Michigan competes on bars during the NCAA regional competition."

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Sports Features

In Shape

1st Place (248 pts.) - "In Shape" by Jim Stroup, Virginia Tech.

"Promotion for the student gym."


Underwater Salute

2nd Place (225 pts.) - "Underwater Salute" by Matt Riley, University of Virginia.

"I wanted to give a different perspective of All-American Lauren Perdue than just a portrait posed with an American Flag so I went underwater and had her swim above me with the flag in the background."


Top Flight

3rd Place (221 pts.) - "All-Around (and Around) Excellence" by Martin Vloet, University of Michigan.

"Jordan Sexton took the top spot on the uneven parallel bars with a score of 9.900 at the NCAA Regional competition on April 2, 2011. A camera fixed atop a 13-foot stand captured multiple exposures for this movement feature."


Top Flight

Honorable Mention (217 pts.) - "Top Flight" by Martin Vloet, University of Michigan.

"Joanna Sampson scored a season-high 9.900 for the vault crown at the NCAA Regionals on April 2, 2011. The camera was floor mounted especially for this multiple-exposure study of the vault exercise during the event. Up to 14 exposures were captured of each competitor for feature photos of top performers."


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People & Portraits

Geri Allen - Pianist

1st Place (223 pts.) - "Geri Allen - Pianist" by Scott Soderberg, University of Michigan.

"Jazz pianist, Geri Allen, poses for an environmental portrait in the Art Museum, next to an early 1900's, genuine Steinway piano."

Ring and Cross

2nd Place (212 pts.) - "Ring and the Cross" by Mark Philbrick, Brigham Young University.

"Paul E. Perry "The Ring and The Cross'" book on Christianity and J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings books."


Down and Dirty

3rd Place (209 pts.) - "Down & dirty" by Todd Paris, University of Alaska Fairbanks.

"Joe Hunner emerges from the court after a round of mud volleyball during SpringFest 2011."

Higher Ed

Honorable Mention (205 pts.) - " Higher Education" by Aaron Mayes, University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

"Cover image to help illustrate the title story, "The Power of Higher Education.""

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Campus Environment


1st Place (255 pts.) - "Stair Climbers" by Tom Zasadzinski, Cal Poly Pomona.

"Students climb the stairs of the parking structure."


Quiet Time

2nd Place (222 pts.) - "Quiet Time" by Kevin Colton, Hobart and William Smith Colleges.

"Student takes a little time away from studying in the Blackwell Room to enjoy the light of the stain glass."


3rd Place (211 pts.) - "Movement" by Aaron Mayes, University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

"Clouds help to accentuate the patterns on the Rogers Justice Building."

Taylor Building

Honorable Mention (208 pts.) - "Taylor Building" by Michael J. Lewis, Brigham Young University-Idaho.

"John Taylor Building is lit up against the last bit of color at night."

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Earth Day Fun

1st Place (222 pts.) - "Earth Day fun" by Todd Paris, University of Alaska Fairbanks.

"Five-year-old Riley enjoys coloring with chalk on the deck of the Commons during the Earth Day event."


2nd Place Tie (215 pts.) - "Carver" by Tom Zasadzinski, Cal Poly Pomona.

"Diego Cardenas, a senior graphic design major, carves a piece of linoleum for his relief print making class."


Bike Wheel

2nd Place Tie (215 pts.) - "Bike Wheel" by Tom Zasadzinski, Cal Poly Pomona.

"Robert Smith of the Cal Poly Pomona Cycling Club trues a bicycle wheel during Earth Week activities in University Park.."

Easter Egg Hunt Activities

3rd Place (206 pts.) - "Easter Egg Hunt Activities" by David Campbell, Alabama State University.

"A young man plays with a toy airplane during the annual Easter Egg Hunt on the campus mall."



Honorable Mention (204 pts.) - "Scholarship Winner" by David Campbell, Alabama State University.

"Upon learning their daughter is the recipient of a President's scholarship a happy mother and father react with kisses.'"

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Features & Illustrations


1st Place (243 pts.) - "Keyboard Eye-tis" by Martin Vloet, University of Michigan.

"Concept photo for a story on the long hours logged by dedicated writers on campus. The eye was photographed with a 100mm macro and the keyboard with an 8mm lens at a distance less than half an inch."

Jumping for Joy

2nd Place (231 pts.) - "Jumping for Joy" by Jim Stroup, Virginia Tech.

"Two students (from one of the dance troops) demonstrate their love for their school."


The Blues

3rd Place (201 pts.) - "The Blues" by Robert Jordan, University of Mississippi.

"Bill "Howl-N-Madd" Perry plays on the porch of an abandoned home. Bill, the chair, guitar and porch were brought together to shoot an illustration for the cover story about the blues in our alumni magazine."


Honorable Mention (198 pts.) - "Mysterious Stranger" by Tony Mastres, University of California, Santa Barbara.

"Mezzo-soprano Helena Von Reusden in a print and poster promo for a studnet adapted production. Von Reusden plays a beautiful and mysterious woman who appears out of nowhere in a small midwestern town and strange things begin to happen."


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Science & Research

Western Blot

1st Place (193 pts.) - "Western blot" by Jeff Miller, University of Wisconsin @ Madison.

"Undergraduate Nick Lillios analyzes a Western blot, a test depicting protein expression, while working in a research lab at the McCardle Cancer Research Building on April 18, 2011."

Nate Cira

2nd Place (187 pts.) - "Nate Cira" by Jeff Miller, University of Wisconsin @ Madison.

"Undergraduate Nate Cira holds a microfluidic device in a research lab in the Biochemistry Addition on April 13, 2011. Cira is majoring in biology, biomedical engineering, biochemistry, microbiology and molecular biology."


Clean Air

3rd Place (184 pts.) - "Cleaner air research" by Nancy Evelyn, University of Georgia.

"Professor holding an apparatus containing a sample of filtering material to help reduce odors at poultry and swine farms."

Hands on Heart

Honorable Mention (180 pts.) - "Hands-on Heart"by Jeff Miller, University of Wisconsin @ Madison.

"Curious children get a hands-on opportunity to handle a human heart and other cadaver organs at an exploration station organized by the Medical Student Association as thousands families and visitors participate in Science Expeditions on April 2, 2011."

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Personal Vision


1st Place (246 pts.) - "Midnight on the Atlantic" by Austin Thomason, University of Michigan.

"With a 10mm lens but no tripod, I set out to get a good picture of the night sky. I found a suitable railing and, thanks to the 30 knot winds, had to steady the camera with my hand anyway."


Leaving Port

2nd Place (226 pts.) - "Leaving Port" by Austin Thomason, University of Michigan.

"Passengers watching from one cruise ship as another leaves port. Taken in St. Maarten."

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