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Annual Print Competition Rules

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PRINT COMPETITION RULES - Revised: February 15, 2011.
Chair: Trice Megginson

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Each year UPAA members have the opportunity to submit their best photographic prints into competition at the symposium where the attending members serve as peer judges. The results are announced at the awards banquet.

Members do not need to attend the symposium to enter. Any UPAA member who is in good standing can submit a maximum of six entries. Prints can be either monochrome or color in any category. Print size may vary, but all must be mounted on 11x14 inch Gator Foam or Foam Core boards for display. Please remember to place an arrow on the back of your prints' mounting board signifying which edge is the top.

In addition to your mounted prints please include a CD or DVD containing all images you are entering into the competition. Files should be jpeg format only. The CD/DVD should be labeled with the name of the photographer and school. Individual files should be labeled as noted in the file naming convention. Files should be a minimum of 8x10" @ 300 dpi, jpeg format.

The purpose of the CD/DVD is to enable UPAA to create the Annual Book comprised of the winning entries.  In addition members who did not place in the Print Competition are encouraged to submit their best of year photo (limit one per member), regardless of whether it was entered into competition to be included in the Annual Book.  Images do not have to be taken in service to your school and may be personal vision. Details of submission requirements are listed on the Annual Book web page.

Members should note that all “members choice” submissions to the Annual Book are due by October 31st each year.

Print Competition File Naming Convention:

Example: "Sports_JoeSmith_03"

Entries must arrive to the symposium host by the Thursday (June 17, 2010) before the symposium. There is a $5.00 per print Entry Fee for Each Member. No credit cards, please. If entering both Print and Publications Competitions fill out a single form and use it for both Print and Publication entries.

Prints can be picked up at the symposium only. Remaining prints will not be returned and will be destroyed appropriately. The UPAA will not accept cash, checks or postage stamps for returning prints.

Make entry fee checks payable to UPAA. The entry fee is dedicated to maintaining the expenses related to the organization and presentation of the Annual Print Competition at the symposium. By submitting entries participants agree that Honors and Honorable mention prints may be selected for use in official UPAA publications, print, Web, and future technologies with appropriate photo credit/recognition and copyright being noted, without charge to this organization. Ownership of intellectual property rights will remain with the photographer and their respective institution.

All categories, except Personal Vision, MUST be images photographed in the service, of your university or college and must have been taken within 18 months prior to the competition date. The Personal Vision category is open to all members (life, associate and full membership), but only photographers with full membership may enter all other categories.

All entries in the print competition are judged as the work of one member, multiple awards for photographs worked on by more then one photographer will not be given in the print competition. Your submissions must contain a completed entry form and print identification labels must be attached to each print submission.

Prints and publications must arrive before 5:00 pm Thursday June 16, 2011 to be eligible. Please make checks payable to UPAA and send it along with your print submissions.

Send entries, publications and CD/DVD to:
Mark Philbrick,
BYU Photo,
B-251 ASB,
Brigham Young University,
Provo, UT 84602

A CD/DVD containing ALL entries must be submitted with your submissions.

There are nine categories in the competition:

If you are not sure what category is fitting, keep in mind that you will be judged by a diverse group of people who may deduct points if they believe your print is in the wrong category.

Photographs taken of athletes/coaches/staff in action during sanctioned competition or practice. Cheerleading and mascot action photographs along with action photographs of intramural sports are also eligible in this category.

This category is intended for all other sports related imagery; fans, bands, and athlete portraits or extracurricular activity. Photographs of cheerleaders and mascots, not engaged in active routines, would be appropriate in this category. Entries in this category may be posed or candid.

Open to photographs of individuals or groups, posed or candid, in the studio, on campus or elsewhere in a university or college related situation.

Open to photographs of buildings, structures, or grounds on and around the campus and college community.

5. NEWS:
Open to subject matter that would be appropriate to release to news media or photographs documenting life on campus as it occurs. Photographs in this category should not be posed and need to adhere to accepted photojournalistic standards.

Open to any subject matter photographed in the service of the university/college. Also open to any digital photo illustration.

Open to photographs taken in the lab, classroom, field, or in the studio for clinical, educational or illustrative purposes.

Three or more photographs that convey a theme or tell a story and are produced by one member. One, two, or three connected or separate 11x14 boards may be used.

Open to photographs of any subject that were made to satisfy your personal interests.

Photographer of the Year
Photographer of the Year can only be selected from the photographers who are university employees and whose primary responsibility is photography.

This award is selected by the Board after all judging is complete. The method used is a value system based on each individual’s number of 1st place entries, second place entries etc. with some value placed on the number of prints entered in a given category. (i.e. if there is a 1st place finish in a category with 200 submissions, it may be judged as being of higher value compared to a 1st place winner in a category that only had 35 submissions.) This usually becomes important in very close decisions. The Personal Vision awards will not be used to select the Photographer of the Year unless there is a tie, in which case the Personal Vision category will be used as a tiebreaker.

There are other criteria based on eligibility and the quality of the body of work. The Board reserves the right to select the Photographer of the Year based on the value system and makes every effort to be fair to all entrants.